The Willits Pharmacy Services Team knows that worrying about medication orders for your residents is the last thing you want to do. Therefore, they have created a company that focuses on service – personal service – the kind of service that cross-checks medication orders for harmful interactions, the kind of service that allows you to talk to a real person, the kind of service that special care requires.
In this day and age, quality long-term pharmacy care isn’t easily achieved. Large pharmacies base their success not on the quality of service and personal care they provide, but on the number of patients they supply. We look at dynamics differently at Willits Pharmacy Services. We strive to maintain the personal approach of a community pharmacy while providing additional services, which are crucial to medical care agencies and facilities. This approach is who we are; we stand by it with confidence and integrity.
How can we meet your needs and expectations?
Our staff will assist in providing solutions for any situation relying on the integrity of medication administration.
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Who we are today
We provide reliable, hands on experience in dealing with long term pharmacy care.
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